Monday, 6 July 2009

An Ode to my dear Fan

I sit on my bed with almost a dozens of books and thousands of other artifacts. I give up my on my writing a decent article for the upcoming issue of a summer edition magazine. A nearby wall spider watches me in attention as I flip disdainfully through the pages of one of my chronically erroneous articles. The humidity today in this part of the world making me realize that the human body consists of 70 % of water..(C'mon..Though many disagree, I am a human too). I have a sadistic look at my little dust-covered cornered table fan, which nearly smirks at me as I battle my thoughts like a little Crusader against the mighty gigantic heat(20 degrees celcius yes but warm and hot compared to what we usually have here! so yeah tahts heat!). Meanwhile, I wonder why this fan has three fins and what the fins may be talking within themselves about me. It has watched me in all my emotions, crying at times, cribbing at times, laughing over some old joke. It has watched me as I undertake my journey down the memory lane, as I bask in sunlight, watch the crisp flight of the eagle on a bright morning. It has watched me dreaming about that wonderful future that lies ahead, as I gaze at the half lit moon making its way among dimming stars. It has watched me as I fill myself with the cool breeze and hope it goes as far as I would wish it should. It has watched me as I exchange smiles with the sunflowers adorning the lawn ahead. It has been there when I do just close my eyes, hoping to find someone when I open it. It has seen those tears, those laughs which no one has ever and never will. It has been a witness of the constant surges of emotions, those spurts of energy which make me the unparalleled at times, those fleeting moments where I become just a spectator to my life which keeps heading on a freeway and destined for a sudden end.
'Dear fan. I never thought I would say this. But, I've never cared for you enough, never noticed how you are there all set up and ready for the moment I might need you, and I've never thanked you the way you deserve it. You are far away in that corner but you are still always there for me! I wish you read this someday. Anyways, words are poor conveyors, the heart knows itself.


  1. He who cannot see the beauty in small things, will never truly appreciate the beauty in bigger ones :D

    Everything in life has a purpose...everything

  2. wow! nice writeup.