Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Yesterday evening

The storm has now mellowed. The cavalry of dark clouds smoothly floats over the distant mountain. A lull of serene silence lends a distinct touch to the atmosphere. A gentle blow of air touches my cheek. It is twilight. The rays of the tranquillized dignified sun struggle to make their way through the maze of clouds to reach the ground. The chirping of the birds suddenly dissipates in this forlorn silence. A circle of black smoke emancipates from a distant chimney. The water in the river seem to be backtracking to reach its source like a little toddler desperate to hug her mom who seems busy with work. I felt like racing with the river waters. The red banner on the church tower flutters gleefully greeting the dark clouds bid adieu. A piece of broken crockery is discovered by a bright coloured sand trotting tiny dog. A girl with her locks falling into her eyes gazes at the varied coloured eastern sky. She throws up her arms to reach and catch hold of the rainbow. An aroma of wet sand adds a tint of fragrance to the surroundings. A drizzle soon follows.
A piece of silk scarf gets strangulated midair in hideous branches of the maple tree. And then a train whistle breaks this natures' moment of romance. I believe the train needs to carry on with its journey. I wonder which destination is the train headed towards. Is destination the journey or journey the destination? And that reminded me of…

What is this life, if full of care.
We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to stare at a beauty's glance,
And watch how well her feet can dance;
No time to wait till her lips can,
Enrich the smile her eyes began ......

Suddenly then my eyes light up with a bright smile…a grin almost!
I look up onto the horizon.
A stroke of divine brush creates a spectacular rainbow.

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  1. Believe you me.....When I read your words, its like watching a painting happening in front of my eyes....Like a brush is automatically painting the entire scenery in front of my eyes....

    We all need to take time 2 stop and smell the flowers....EVERY ONE SAYS THIS....few do it....

    And the occasional maestro of words such as yourself does it SOOO WELL...mashallah :D